Did you gain language skills while you were abroad? Are you looking to maintain those skills in the United States? If so, consider some of the language maintenance activities below.

Language Maintainence Activities
  1. Join a student organization related to the county/region you traveled to
  2. Find other study abroad alumnus at UW or elsewhere, with the same language background
  3. Take a class that focuses on the language or culture
  4. Volunteer; many volunteer agencies desperately need bilingual volunteers
  5. Tutor someone else in the language
  6. Speak with the friends you made while studying abroad
  7. Befriend an international student who speaks the language. Visit ELS on the ground floor of the Cheney center, and speak with Maria, about getting matched with a student!
  8. Look for language or cultural events to attend
  9. Watch movie/read books/listen to radio in the target language
  10. Seek out a language speaking group online or in person! A quick search of the web, even craigslist, will reveal many individuals looks to be matched with language partners and groups!
  11. Use Facebook in another language.

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