In order to be a post-study-abroad professional rock-star, you MUST have a personal brand. A personal brand is designed to evoke a consistent emotional response on the part of your prospective employer.What do you want that response to be? Do you want the person to be excited? Intimidated? Energized? Impressed?

Your personal brand should answer the question, “What unique thing can I offer/have I offered to an employer?” The final product of your personal brand should be a one-to-two-sentence, high impact, statement, and it should appear in every aspect of your public presence including: your resume (objective statement), portfolio, cover letter, Facebook About Me, Linked In, Twitter, etc...everything you put out in the public (or that someone else might) should reflect your brand! 

Sample Brand Statement 

Think your security setting have you covered? 

Unfortunately, security settings are not secure. Over 50% of companies check the Facebook profiles of interviewees. Some even employ IT professionals to get around security settings.

Tips for personal brand:

  1. Develop an aforementioned brand statement and reflect it everywhere
  2. Google yourself, make sure the top results represent yourself well
  3. Use the same nice head shot as your profile photo on every social media site
  4. Choose a nice resume header typeface, and simple body typeface, and use them on all of your customizable documents: cover letters, applications, blogs, etc.
  5. Post interesting professional articles (that relate directly to your brand) on your Facebook, twitter etc. Think your friends won't like them? Create a professional profile!
  6. Prepare an elevator pitch
Check out these awesome personal branding resources:


Rock the World with your Online Presence

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